VENDOR CONTRACT This is a contract between WMZ.COM (Mall owner) and Craftsman (Vendor).

1. Vendor to supply picture and details of construction for the web page.

2. Vendor to Produce/purchase item for sale.

3. Vendor to ship item to customer.

4. Vendor not to place advertisements in packaging or send direct advertisements to WMZ.COM customers unless it is sold thru WMZ.COM.

5. Vendor has no restrictions as to where they can sell or who they can sell with, as long as they are not selling items direct to WMZ.COM customers.

6. Vendor to give 30 days notice for removal of items from web page.

7. Vendor to hold WMZ.COM, owner and employees harmless for any claims or suits arising thru the sale of their items.

8. Vendor responsible for shipping charges.

9. Vendor to receive collected shipping charges for shipping item.

10. Vendor responsible for shipping charges on returned merchandise.

11. Vendor's name associated with each item sold, (hence signature consignment mall).

12. WMZ.COM to receive 23% of Sale price.

13. WMZ.COM to process credit cards and transfer moneys to Vendor.

14. WMZ.COM to collect and file sales tax.

15. WMZ.COM to make, update and pay for web pages and server space as seen fit by WMZ.COM.

16. WMZ.COM to give vendor 30 days notice to remove items from pages.

17. WMZ.COM leases space for webpages and gives no guarantee of server operation.

18. This contract can be made void by WMZ.COM for non delivery of merchandise, inferior merchandise, and etc. ____________________________ ______________________________ WMZ.COM Vendor

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